Geography of Tordher

Tordher is lying at about eight kilometers, to the north-west of the meeting point of two famous rivers, the river Kabul and the river Indus.
The Karramar hills are about thirty kilometres away in the north-east direction beyond the sand deposits of Jalbai-Jalsai and Dobian-Kalu Khan plain, while the Attock-Cherat hills lie just twelve kilometres away in the southern direction, beyond the river Indus.

Kund National Park

Tordher is located about 5 kilometers in the north eastern direction of Kund National Park.

Tarbela Dam

Famous Tarbela Dam is loacated about 40Km in the Eastern direction of Tordher.

Attock Fort

Historical Attock Fort is located about 20Km in the southern direction of Tordher.