Trade and Commerce

Tordher is the commercial hub of the Tehsil Lahor, so people come here to buy the utilities. The surrounding villages comes to Tordher Bazar for their daily requirements on a regular basis. These villages include Jalbai, Chonthrai, Jalsai, Tano, Bazar, Jabar-Rozi Abad, Alla Dher, Jehangira and Manki. There is a main bazar, known as Sadar Bazar, an old bazar known as Zoor Bazar and Seeno chowk.
There are about six or seven bakeries present in the village at different locations, which are mostly run by the expert men in the field belonging to Azad Kashmir, and who are part of the society now.



A weekly livestock bazar (known as pinzam/mandhayee) is held every Tuesday. People of Tordher and surrounding areas comes to buy and sell livestock like cows, goats, baffallows, hens and birds etc. Mandhayee/Pinzam attracts many people who enjoys it greatly because it is here that they can buy many necessities of daily life and also the things of amusement are to be found there. The red sugar, made by the local facilites of the area is a special item of this market.Markets .

Sabzi Mandi

A big Sabzi Mandi is located on the main Swabi Jehangira road. Farmers from tordher. Jalbai, Bazar, Jabbar, Alladher and Jehangira sells fresh vegetables in the Sabzi Mandi. People often visits Sabzi mandi to get fresher, seasonal and healthier vegitables and fruits.


There are branches of Al-Habib Bank, Habib Bank and United Bank, all now offering online services, a Post Office, a Basic Health Unit, a Veterinary Husbandry and several branches of Utility Stores.