People of Tordher

People of Tordher, like other parts of the area, are tough, hardworking people, living in a magnificent but harsh area. They are dignified, fiercely independent, but very hospitable and courteous to strangers in their splendid time-honored Muslim tradition.


Life in Tordher

Life is hard for many in this village of extreme temperatures, hot in summer, freezing cold in winter. In small workshops all over the village people make long hours and work is all by hand and machines. People of Tordher are always seem cheerful, friendly and courteous to strangers.

Occupations and Jobs

Youth of Tordher is educated, most of them are in schools, colleges and universities pursuing towards a bright future. Still a large number of the youth pool is abroad; in Gulf countries, Europe, Far East Asia and Americas, adding to the foreign exchange reserves of the country. Interestingly, Italy is a famous destination of its people and many went to earn their livelihoods so that a specific community has emerged there.

Tordher has produced a lot of Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, Officers, Businessmen, Politicians and Social Workers.