Political Aspect

Tordher has always shown political activism. It was once a stronghold of Surkh Posh movement of Bacha Khan, such that the Gora forces would come often to harrass those activists gathered at the Hujra of Haji Monfaat Khan right at the top of Garhi, back in the 1930's. Abul Raziq Khan of this village was an important provincial minister in the Bhutto era. Currently his son Abdulkarim is MPA from PK-34, whose affilation is with QWP. Haji Abdul Majid Khan was elected as MPA several times and for the last time in 2002 from the MMA. Many important leaders of the province and country has visited Tordher, including the former president of Pakistan, Late Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari. Others are Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Hayat Muhammad Khan Sherpao Shaheed, Musarrat Shaheen, Imran Khan, Begum Nasim Wali Khan. All of the major political parties ANP, PTI, PMLN, QWP have its supporters in Tordher..