Name and History

Tordher is a historic village with a rich and vibrant history. A small mound present in the heart of Tordher, indicates that it was inhabited by people in the past centuries. This place is now well populated and is called "Garhi ". A small statue dug out from here in the 1951, can be seen in the Peshawar Museum, which has been tagged by the archaeologists to be belonging to 2nd or 3rd century A.D.


Tawareekh i Rahmat Khani

Its name is also mentioned in the final pages of the seventeenth century book"Tawareekh i Rahmat Khani", though not of any central importance because its geographical location is much near to Nowshera, it is more connected with the Akora Khattak and Shaidu village and less with the Yousafzai advent. Later its name have changed to Tordher after this village came into contact with the Khans of Toru.

Tareekh i Peshawar

In " Tareekh i Peshawar" the famous authentic history book on the area written by Gopal Das in 1874, it has been stated that the old name of this village was Rabat Margalla.


It is said that Afzal Khan grandson, of Khushal Khan Khattak was the Khan of this area which stretched Shaidu. There are still many lands of the Khans of Shaidu left though many have been bought by local people.upto Chota Lahor. The Farooq Banda in the west side, is named after Ghulam Farooq Khan of Shaidu.

Yousafzai Khans

It has been mentinoned that Kalu Khan, one in the descendants of Gaju Khan, the great Yousafzai Khan, had gathered his warriors in Tordher and Jalsai. The yousafzai clans had also settled in the nowadays Attock district, on the other side of the river and Kalu Khan was sometimes waging wars against his opponents, who cannot be ascertained, But it might have been these wars for which he might have collected veterans in Jalsai and Tordher. No date or year can be fixed to these incidents and it has been mentioned peripherally.