Union Councils and Mohallahs

Like other villages, Tordher is divided into Union Councils and Neighborhood Councils: It comprises:
a) Seven members, elected to general seats
b) Two members elected to seats reserved for women
c) One member elected to seat reserved for peasants and workers
d) One member elected to seat reserved for youth
Candidates securing highest and second highest number of votes in the election to the general seats of the village council or the neighbourhood council shall respectively be elected as the Nazim and Naib Nazim of the village council or the neighbourhood council. .


Union Councils

Tordher has two union councils Tordher and Matanni-Changan. A sanitary lane is the dividing line between the two. This lane goes through the central Chowk carrying with it the sanitation waters of Miangaan mohallah and Jalsai laar, crosses the Palosai mohalla, goes along the Jabar Laar for a while and merge finally with a seasonal canal on the Shahbaz Laar, which is coming from BHU( now upgraded to RHC, located on the road to Jehangira in the western direction) and Jehangira Laar side. People started shifting towards fields and and making homes there. There have, thus a number of separate Mohallas, been added to the old neighbourhoods. A mosque called Central Mosque( Maiynz Jumaat) gives us clue as for extent of the village in the old days and its subsequent spread in the proceeding decades.


The village consists of the following neighbourhoods (Mohallahs): Mohalla Miangaan, Jalsai Laar, Chonthrai Laar, Wilayat Khel, Palosai, Kakai Danda, Jabar Laar, Shaga Dhok, Rozi Abad Laar, Rukk Aratt, Mandali Kaka Koroona, Koolalan Koroona, Khanaano Koosa, Ziarat road, Siyar Shaheed( named after a martyr in Kashmir in the year 2000), Saini, Zor Bazar, Garhye, Dammano koosa, Shagai, Shaghasay( towards western side of the high school), Dhok(Parachgaan), Dhok Awan, Dhok Nayaan, Chobachay, Shahbaz Laar, Musalli Banda, Jehangira Laar, Mian Kote (Qadimi Kaka Koroona) Joga (near petrol pump) Mian Eesa laar, Shabazkoor ( in the north-west, beyond the main Swabi-Jahangira road), Kaarawurr,

Lorri Fields

Lorri Fields (on the way to Mian Eesa highlands, about its high altitude as compared to the plain of Tordher, Akhund Younas, a local poet of mid-Twentieth century , so tenderly said, "Pa Lorro ki Dera Shom Au Da Malk Pa Nandaara Shwam", meaning that he went and settled for a while in the high fields and started enjoying the sceneries around). It should be kindly noted that these fields are just at a slightly higher elevation compared to that of the village of Tordher, but more enough for the people of plain area like this to be impressed.
Much of the area of Tordher is at a lower elevation compared to its surrounding fields. The Koola Dund fields in the South-West side however, may be an exception to this, which are definitely at a lower elevation compared to the village, as is shown by the drainage pattern.

The Jalbai village, in the immediate north and the Shahbaaz neighborhood in the south, both are at comparatively higher altitudes. Due to these reasons fresh and cool winds are a scarce phenomenon in the months of July and August when it is dearly needed. But on the other hand when the winds blow it sometimes uproot the trees so breaking all the hurdles of elevation or whatsoever.